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If you are a manager leading a team and making important decisions, then one thing that might strike your mind is, “What type of manager am I?”. Each person uses a different approach to tackle things. And this is how they are different from others. But how exactly do you know your type? Let us tell you some ways to identify your leadership approach so that you can enhance or change your style according to the situation. 

Basic Management Styles

Management styles are like tools in a toolbox. Different situations call for different tools. Let’s take a closer look at four basic management styles that leaders use in the workplace:

  1. Autocratic Management
  • In this style, the manager makes decisions on their own.
  • It’s like a captain giving orders on a ship without much input from the crew.
  • Autocratic managers are often quick decision-makers, which can be helpful in emergencies.
  1. Democratic Management
  1. Transformational Leadership
  • Transformational leaders inspire and motivate their teams.
  • They’re like coaches who encourage athletes to give their best performance.
  • This style often leads to innovative thinking and personal growth.
  1. Laissez-Faire Management
  • Laissez-faire managers are hands-off, giving team members a lot of freedom.
  • It’s similar to a teacher letting students choose their project topics.
  • This style works well when team members are experienced and self-motivated.

Self-Reflection: Who Am I as a Manager?

Being a manager is like playing a role in a movie. You have unique character traits and tendencies that shape your decision-making style. To understand who you are as a manager, you must look in the mirror and self-reflect. Let’s explore how to discover your management identity.

Assess Your Actions

Think about your recent actions as a manager. Have you made decisions independently or sought input from your team? Consider how you communicate with your team members. Are you more direct, or do you encourage open discussions?

Reflect On Past Experiences

Recall past experiences where you were in a leadership role. How did you handle challenges, conflicts, or decision-making? Were there situations where you felt particularly comfortable or uncomfortable in your managerial role?

Analyze Your Values & Beliefs

What are your core values as a manager? Do you prioritize efficiency, collaboration, innovation, or something else? Think about your beliefs regarding leadership. What do you think makes a good leader?

Seek Feedback

Reach out to team members, colleagues, or mentors and ask for their honest feedback. What strengths and weaknesses do they observe in your management style? Others often see aspects of your leadership that you might not notice.

Consider Your Decisions

Review your past decisions as a manager. Were they mainly top-down, or did you involve your team in decision-making? Think about your approach to problem-solving. Do you tend to provide solutions or guide your team to find them?

Identify Your Leadership Tendencies

After this self-reflection, try to identify your natural tendencies as a manager. Are you more autocratic, democratic, transformational, or laissez-faire in your style?

Take A Leadership Quiz

Imagine you’re in a fun magazine with a quiz to determine which superhero you’d be. Taking a leadership quiz is a bit like that, but you discover your leadership strengths instead of capes. Let’s explore the world of leadership quizzes and how they can help you understand your management style.

What Is A Leadership Quiz?

A leadership quiz is a set of questions to reveal your tendencies and strengths. It’s like a personality test but for your leadership skills.

Why Take a Quiz?


A leadership quiz helps you better understand your leadership style, including your strengths and areas for improvement.

Career Guidance

Knowing your leadership style can guide your career choices and help you seek roles that align with your strengths.

Team Building

Understanding each other’s leadership styles can improve collaboration and communication if you work with a team.

Where To Find Leadership Quizzes?

Leadership quizzes are available online, often for free. Look for reputable sources or websites focused on leadership development.

Take The Quiz

Honesty Is Key

Answer the questions truthfully. The goal is to discover your authentic leadership style.

Don’t Overthink

Trust your instincts, and don’t spend too much time pondering each question.

Reflect On Results

After taking the quiz, review the results and see what your leadership style indicates.

Understand Your Results

Leadership quizzes usually provide insights into your dominant leadership style. It might point out if you’re more autocratic, democratic, transformational, or laissez-faire in your approach.

Apply Your Knowledge

Once you know your leadership style, you can use this self-awareness to adapt your leadership approach in different situations.

Thriving In Management

With the help of our guide, you can now understand what type of manager am I. Along with this identification, study your organizational behavior and results and adapt to a different style if your current approach is not fruitful. No matter what approach you use, always act like a leader and stay confident in your decisions. This way, you will thrive in all management styles.