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Understanding millennial management can be daunting as they possess some unique personality traits, but a video can help you out. Seeing a video containing experienced intellectuals as speakers can provide valuable tips to help you better understand this generation. Here we have compiled 3 how to deal with millennials in the workplace videos to see. Here is what is advised in each video.

Video 1: Dr. Jason Wingard: The Art Of Managing Millennials

In this thought-provoking video, Dr. Jason Wingard discusses the challenges of managing millennials in the workplace. He offers valuable insights on how to lead this unique generation effectively. Through engaging storytelling and real-life scenarios, Dr. Wingard highlights the importance of embracing the three C’s – Coaching, Culture, and Causes – to create a workplace environment where millennials can thrive and contribute to the organization’s success.

Key Takeaways:


Dr. Wingard emphasizes the significance of constant coaching and feedback for millennials. Unlike traditional leadership practices, millennials seek continuous guidance and mentorship. Leaders need to provide regular one-on-one time. They must be open to answering their questions and offering support at incremental stages of tasks.


A diverse and flexible work culture is essential for attracting and retaining millennials. Research shows that diverse work environments benefit the bottom line and foster a sense of inclusivity and belonging for millennials. They value work systems that optimize productivity and efficiency. It allows for a healthy work-life balance.


Millennials are passionate about social issues. They expect their organizations and leaders to take a stand on relevant causes. Authenticity is crucial. Leaders are fearless in bringing their values and passions to the workplace. Support millennials’ causes and provide them with a platform to voice their opinions. It can lead to a more engaged and committed workforce.

Video 2: Simon Sinek On Millennials In The Workplace

In this eye-opening video, Simon Sinek delves into the challenges millennials face in the workplace and explores the reasons behind their perceived characteristics. He identifies four critical factors that have shaped the millennial generation and offers valuable insights for leaders to deal with this unique group effectively.

Key Points:


Sinek points out that many millennials grew up with entitlement due to certain parenting strategies. Constantly being told they were special and deserving of everything they wanted, some received unearned rewards and praise. However, upon entering the real world, they faced disappointment. They discovered that they weren’t as exceptional as they were led to believe, leading to lower self-esteem.


The influence of social media and cell phones plays a significant role in millennials’ lives. Constant engagement with these platforms releases dopamine. It creates an addictive loop similar to smoking, drinking, or gambling. This addiction affects their ability to form deep and meaningful relationships. And they struggle to cope with stress, turning to devices for temporary relief.


Growing up in a world of instant gratification, millennials expect quick results from life. However, Sinek emphasizes the importance of patience in achieving meaningful goals, career satisfaction, and developing strong relationships. Instant success is not always possible. Learning to cope with the gradual journey is essential.


Sinek argues that corporate environments play a significant role in millennials’ struggles. Many companies prioritize short-term gains over their employees’ well-being and personal growth. Millennials often feel that their companies do not genuinely care about them. It leads to disillusionment and lack of fulfillment in their jobs.

Video 3: Keevin O’Rourke: How To Make Millennials Want To Work For You 

In this thought-provoking video, Keevin O’Rourke, a millennial entrepreneur, challenges common stereotypes about his generation and shares valuable insights on what motivates millennials in the workplace. He discusses two key factors millennials value most and advises employers on how to manage millennials and retain this dynamic generation.

Key Points:


Millennials crave autonomy in the workplace, which doesn’t necessarily mean individualism but rather the freedom to make decisions and be part of a collaborative team environment.

O’Rourke references Daniel Pink’s book “Drive,” which outlines four areas where millennials seek autonomy: what they do when they do it, how they do it, and whom they do it with. Employers need to create an environment that empowers millennials to have control over their work. It will help foster a sense of ownership and engagement.

Money vs. Meaning

While millennials appreciate fair compensation, they prioritize the meaning and passion they find in their work over purely financial gains. O’Rourke shares examples of how some millennials willingly start businesses despite uncertain financial prospects. They value the fulfillment and creative freedom that comes with pursuing their passions.

Employers should aim to align their company’s values and purpose with those of millennials to attract and retain this generation of passionate and purpose-driven individuals.

Bridge The Generational Gap

These were some of the videos that provided practical and real-time tips on dealing with millennials in a workplace. Watch these videos now, grasp each lesson, and implement it in your workplace to help millennials thrive and grow.