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Staying informed about the latest research is crucial for leaders. To assist you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of 3 best leadership articles that are must-reads in 2023. These articles delve into various aspects of leadership, providing valuable perspectives, practical strategies, and thought-provoking concepts that show exactly what is a leader.

Let’s dive into these remarkable resources that have garnered widespread acclaim and recognition in the field of leadership.

Best Leadership Articles To Read

Today leadership has become a crucial aspect of the success of any firm. In this context, finding the top articles on leadership can provide valuable insights into successful leaders’ strategies, tactics, and philosophies. Here are 3 of the best leadership articles and their authors, who have shared their expertise and experience to inspire and guide leaders across the globe.

  1. “The Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership” By James M. Kouzes And Barry Z. Posner

This article is an influential piece of content published in the Harvard Business Review. It presents a framework of five key practices that exemplary leaders adopt to inspire their teams. Kouzes and Posner based their findings on extensive research and interviews with more than 1,000 leaders.

The article begins by emphasizing the significance of leadership in today’s business landscape. It highlights the role of leaders in not only achieving results but also in creating a positive and motivating work environment. The authors argue that exemplary leaders have certain consistent behaviors that set them apart and allow them to inspire and empower their teams.

“The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” offers a valuable roadmap for aspiring and current leaders. It combines research-based insights with actionable strategies to inspire and mobilize teams toward achieving extraordinary results.

  1. “What Makes A Leader?” By Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, And Annie Mckee

This is another notable article published in the Harvard Business Review. The article offers an extensive examination of leadership theory. It highlights the significance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership. Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee draw upon their research to demonstrate that leaders with a strong emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) are likelier to succeed in their roles and cultivate a positive work environment.

The article addresses the assumption that intelligence quotient (IQ) alone determines a person’s leadership capabilities. The authors argue that while IQ is undoubtedly important, emotional intelligence sets exceptional leaders apart. Emotional intelligence refers to skills that enable individuals to recognize, understand, and manage their emotions and those of others.

The authors emphasize that emotional intelligence can be learned and developed over time. They provide insights into various strategies and practices individuals can employ to enhance their emotional intelligence. These include seeking feedback, practicing self-reflection, and engaging in ongoing personal growth.

  1. “The Servant As Leader” By Robert K. Greenleaf

This seminal article, published in 1970, introduced the concept of servant leadership. The article presents a profound shift in traditional leadership paradigms by advocating for leaders who prioritize serving others rather than pursuing their self-interests. Greenleaf’s ideas have gained significant traction and become a widely adopted leadership philosophy across various industries and sectors.

In the article, Greenleaf challenges the conventional notion of leadership, which often places leaders at the top of a hierarchical structure, exerting authority and control over their subordinates. He proposes a different approach, where leaders see themselves as servants first. According to Greenleaf, the essence of servant leadership lies in the leader’s primary motivation to serve the needs and interests of their team members and the broader community.

Greenleaf emphasizes that servant leadership is not about abdicating leadership responsibilities or diminishing the importance of achieving organizational goals. Instead, it is a call for leaders to recognize that their ultimate purpose is to serve and support the growth and development of others.

Unlock Leadership Potential

These 3 exemplary and best leadership articles have established themselves as must-read resources. Each article brings unique perspectives and practical wisdom, equipping leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their roles. By immersing yourself in these thought-provoking papers, you will better understand leadership principles. You’ll be more equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.

So, seize the opportunity to expand your leadership toolkit. Dive into these articles to unleash your leadership potential in 2023 and beyond.